Poll: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed

Donna Rachel Edmunds Breitbart.com Breitbart London 31 Aug 2014

A whopping 95 percent of respondents to a BBC straw poll have said that they think multiculturalism in Britain is a failure. The poll was taken yesterday morning during the BBC’s Saturday Morning Live show, and asked “Is multiculturalism working?” Just 5 percent said “Yes”; 95 […]

Islamists Threaten British Shop Owners with 40 Lashes for Selling Alcohol

Mary Chastain Breitbart.com Big Peace 12/14/2013

Whitechapel is on the outskirts of London, but it is an area where Muslims enforce Sharia law without any interference from British officials. On Saturday, they took it a step further and told shop owners in the area they will face 40 lashes if they continue to sell alcohol.


Back off, Barack! Britain will leave EU

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley WorldNetDaily 1/15/2013

A senior official of the Obama “administration” has gotten himself into hot water by telling Britain what to do. Obama’s view, apparently, is that it is in the interests of the United States that Britain should remain a mere satrapy or vassal state of the hated European tyranny-by-clerk, and […]

The Jihad Against Dogs

Anestos Canelides’ latest essay was inspired by a recent incident in Spain in which dogs were slaughtered by Muslims as “unclean”.

The Jihad Against Dogs Can Only Mark the Beginning of Dhimmitude for the Spanish Infidel

Anestos Canelides Gates of Vienna 10/17/2011

The recent killing of over a dozen dogs in Lerida, Spain, located in […]

European ‘No-Go’ Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating

Blazing Cat Fur 8/23/2011

“Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of “no-go” areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims.

Many of the “no-go” zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public […]

U.K.: ‘There are 25 areas around the country which the government has earmarked as areas where violent extremism is a problem’

Marisol Jihad Watch 7/20/2011


The “Sharia zones” continue to advance, more or less unchallenged. The lack of a response rewards the Islamic supremacists’ behavior, encouraging and guaranteeing much more of it.

An update on this story. “‘No porn or prostitution’: Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities,” by Rebecca […]