Obamacare’s Tax on Medical Devices is Already Killing Jobs and Driving Companies Overseas

Rob Port SayAnythingBlog 1/3/2012

A year from now a new tax on medical devices – everything from tongue depressors and stethoscopes to MRI machines – goes into effect as a part of Obamacare. Because nothing says “make health care cheaper” like taxing the devices used in that care.

Anyway, the tax is quite a large […]

Obama Congratulates Kenya for Passing Constitution He Bankrolled, Implements Sharia in Non-Muslim Country, Liberalizes Abortion

Zip Weasel Zippers 8/6/2010

Mission accomplished…

WASHINGTON, DC, August 6, 2010– On Thursday, President Obama praised Kenya for approving a controversial new constitution that liberalizes abortion laws and that partially implements Muslim Sharia law within Kenya’s borders.

“This was a significant step forward for Kenya’s democracy,” President Obama stated, “and the peaceful nature of […]