Quote of the day

1 November 2010

Our quote of the day is actually a headline by Sissy Willis at her blog, sisu:

We believe in American exceptionalism and can see the Shining City from our front porch

The Shining City on the Hill was Ronald Reagan’s vision of America, drawn from the Gospel of […]

Shirley Sherrod, Andrew Breitbart: who is racist? Or not.

26 July 2010

CAJ note: There’s a lot of material out there about this story. We’ve decided to blog it together. Hence the awkward headline. After this maybe we’ll finally be able to get to the 92,000 classified documents pertaining to the Afghan war that have been released by Wikileaks this weekend.

This story began […]

‘Sissy Willis, Scott Brown doesn’t want to hear from you’

Sissy Willis Sisu 7/15/2010

“Sissy Willis, he doesn’t want to hear from you,” Dan Riehl just twittered in response to our own early-afternoon tweet:

Just called Scott Brown’s local number, again as yesterday & phone mailbox full. Arggh!

But the DC office of our junior Senator did pick up, with a real person on […]

Chicago Democrat Machine Throws Black Female Candidate Off the Ballot

Mike Flynn BigGovernment.com 7/7/2010

As we feared, the Chicago Democrat Machine reached into neighboring Will County and lined up a couple Democrat officials to throw Cedra Crenshaw, GOP candidate for the 43rd State Senate District, off the ballot. The Machine candidate in the district, A.J. Wilhelmi, is a legacy politician who was specially appointed to […]

Area Libertarians endorse Scott Brown for Senate

by Tom Bowler Libertarian Leanings December 29, 2009

Scott Brown For Senate

Sissy Willis has turned optimistic about Scott Brown’s chances for capturing Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

Is Massachusetts GOP senatorial candidate Scott Brown finally getting it? The Tea Party Movement, with its growing arsenal of media and social networking tools, including talk radio, Twitter […]

The GOP’s secret weapon: William Shatner

William Shatner? That’s the opinion of New England blogger, Sissy Willis. We’re just going to give you the videos, but you really should visit her blog, Sisu, to read the entire article.

[CAJ: Shatner first began reciting Sarah Palin’s “tweets” as free-form poetry back in July. Many, like HotAir’s Allahpundit believed it was the end […]