No matter how you look at it, it is slave labor

New Prize in Cold War: Cuban Doctors

Joel Millman The Wall Street Journal 1/15/2011

…Cuba has been sending medical “brigades” to foreign countries since 1973, helping it to win friends abroad, to back “revolutionary” regimes in places like Ethiopia, Angola and Nicaragua, and perhaps most importantly, to earn hard currency. Communist Party newspaper Granma reported […]

At Blazing Cat Fur: ‘You wanna get crazy? I can get crazier!’

13 September 2010

There must be one hundred great items on my desktop this morning. These two are my java-powered favorites with which to begin the new blogging day.

At Blazing Cat Fur: Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Nippon Steel, Kawasaki

Never a word of apology from these giants of Japanese industry for their use of POW/Slave labour […]