Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Files: 3 Freedoms You Lost This Week

Judge Andrew Napolitano via Fox Nation 7/29/2011

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Hero Dogs of 9/11

Kenn Bell The Dog Files

I remember back in 2001 on a hot, but incredibly beautiful day in September. I left my apartment on Houston Street in Manhattan to begin my daily walk uptown to work.

When I hit the street, I immediately felt a buzz in the air.

Men in suits were talking […]

Cuba uses sniffer dogs to track down crooks, dissidents

Cuba extols the successes of its police sniffer-dog program, but U.S. experts question its broad use and its reliance on an aging, bottled collection of scents.

BY JUAN O. TAMAYO Miami Herald 09/09/2009

A Cuban police dog sniffs a murder weapon and is then set to sniff six bottles holding the scents of suspects, just […]