John Podesta now running the country? I must have missed that election...

John Podesta issues warning to GOP on climate regulations

Brian Hughes The Washington Examiner 5/5/2014

White House senior adviser John Podesta had a clear message Monday for Republicans trying to undo President Obama’s environmental regulations: It won’t work.

Podesta, dispatched to the White House briefing room Monday to preview a forthcoming report from the administration […]

“Those who work in D.C. when government offices close for a ‘snow day’ “…

Sarah Palin Facebook 2/18/2014






Mike Bloomberg calls for more decorum in public life…

…but some people aren’t impressed

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 2/4/2011

MIKE BLOOMBERG CALLS FOR MORE DECORUM IN PUBLIC LIFE, but some people aren’t impressed: “But I guess it’s OK for Bloomberg to diss ObamaCare opponents by insinuating they had a role in the attempted bombing of Times Square, or diss the state of Arizona by running […]