White House pursuing plan to expand immigrant rights

Christi Parsons, Brian Bennett, Lisa Mascaro Los Angeles Times 7/25/2014


President Obama meets at the White House with presidents Salvador Sanchez Ceren of El Salvador, left; Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala, second from left; and Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras, right. (Alex Wong / Getty Images)



Even as President Obama […]

Senator Sessions warns all of Congress: Obama's new immigration strategy 'threatens foundation of our Constitutional republic'

Matthew boyle Breitbart.com Big Government 15 Jul 2014

…[Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff] Sessions cites another paragraph from that National Journal piece as well, in which Garrett reported that President Obama has “now ordered the Homeland Security and Justice departments to find executive authorities that could enlarge that non-prosecutorial umbrella by a factor […]

Sharyl Attkisson: There Is Coordination Between Reporters And Politicians

Chris Stigall CBS News/Philadelphia 3/21/2014

Chris Stigall talked to former CBS News Reporter Sharyl Attkisson this morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the trouble reporters have to deal with while covering politicians and the government, as well as the current state of investigative reporting.

Responding to comments regarding a Phoenix television reporter yesterday who […]

The Government Is a Hitman: Uber, Tesla, and Airbnb Are in Its Crosshairs

The real losers are not just the next generation of innovators but also customers who lose out on more ways of getting what they need or want.   Nick Gillespie Time 3/20/2014

…in today’s sluggish economy, it’s more important than ever that market innovators win out over crony capitalists. Letting markets work to find new […]

Justin Amash: Claims made in Ellis’s ‘bizarre smear campaign’ unfounded

Rep. Justin Amash MLive.com 11/26/2013

Like many in our community, I’ve been left scratching my head at the bizarre smear campaign that was launched against me a few weeks ago—nearly a year before the Republican primary.

One day, my opponent says I’m too conservative because I stood firmly against Obamacare and voted against an earmark. […]

Happy Dependence Day from Your Community Organizer Friends!

Matthew Vadum The American Spectator 7/4/2011

It’s the Fourth of July once again, the day left-wing community organizers across America celebrate Dependence Day.

What’s that? July 4 is called Independence Day, you say?

Not to the radical mob-o-crats of ACORN, La Raza, SEIU, and the legions of other socialist groups that are swinging a wrecking […]