Mike Lee: Change is coming to Washington

Mike Lee For the Deseret News 12/16/2014

The month of December is always a joyous time as we gather with friends and family to celebrate the miracle of Christmas, reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the year ahead. And I believe that this year, for the first time in a long […]

‘A cerebral revolution’ from a most unexpected place

Vote Healey 2014

Jade Gotauco YouTube 10/30/2014

This video was made for the sole purpose of sharing Robert J. Healey’s message in the RI Gubernatorial campaign. Please feel welcome to share this video with whomever you think needs to hear our message.

Vote with integrity, vote for change. Vote Healey.

This video was made at […]

Has the government restricted airspace over Bundy Ranch?

U.S. govt. bans air traffic over Bundy Ranch in desperate blackout effort to hide secret BLM ‘bovine concentration camps’

Mike Adams Natural News 4/12/2014

Desperate to halt all journalism efforts near the Bundy Ranch and “control the narrative” of lies and disinfo, the U.S. government has now banned air traffic over the ranch, preventing journalists […]

Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Has a Website You May Have Never Heard of…

…One the Obama Admin. Won’t Like

Jason Howerton The Blaze 3/19/2014

Fresh off her resignation from CBS News, journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s website dedicated to seeking the truth about the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, Benghazi, Obamacare and other important issues is gaining national attention.

Many have speculated why Attkisson, a highly successful reporter, left one […]

Dozens of lawmakers related to big time lobbyists – Billions of dollars in fees

Editor AgainstCronyCapitalism 2/22/2014

“It’s not just about staying in office because you like the power. It’s about staying in office because it generates huge amounts of cash for your family.”

– –



‘The Story of Broke’ Response

LearnLiberty 1/13/2012

Prof. Art Carden responds to “The Story of Broke“, a recent video by the creators of “The Story of Stuff.” In “The Story of Broke,” Annie Leonard claims that the government isn’t actually broke. Rather, the government just wastes resources on the wrong things like subsidies to the dinosaur economy and war. She […]