Mark Steyn on BBC’s ‘Newsnight’

BBC Newsnight 8/25/2011

“By 2015, US taxpayers, simply through the interest on the debt will be funding the entire cost of the Chinese Liberation Army”

The interviewer is clearly the typical BBC big government socialist, yet Mark Steyn continues to prevail in the discussion.

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Bet Michelle O’s steamed at this

Anne BackyardConservative 8/15/2011

Obama Uses Michelle’s Shopping Habits for Sexist Analogy

Hmm. He may have a point, but then he’s gone on quite a binge himself at our expense. You know, millions and billions, even trillions. Who’s spending like the gajillionaire, anyway, hmm?…

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Anne’s post finally affords us the […]

S&P Begins Downgrading Municipalities

Zeke Miller Business Insider 8/8/2011

Standard & Poor’s has begun to downgrade states and municipalities Monday morning after stripping the federal government of its ‘AAA’ rating.

While not unexpected, the move has far-reaching implications for thousands of local governments already burdened by steep deficits.

Among those affected so far:

Tacoma, WA. Atlanta Downtown Development Authority, […]