FDA Approves Plan B for Teens… No Parental Consent Required

Eric Odom LibertyNews 4/30/2013

Parental Rights are soon to be a thing of the past. Now, teens are learning there are “fixes” to cover up their poor decisions vs learning to make the right decisions in the first place.

Fox News is reporting the FDA just announced 15 year olds can now buy the “morning […]

Generation Null

Larrey Anderson American Thinker 11/1/2011

Move over, Generations Y and X — make room, at least in Zuccotti Park, for Generation Null. This is the generation whose ignorance passes for knowledge; these are the protesters whose selfishness is thinly disguised as sincerity. This is the generation where the self supplants the spirit. Of all the […]

Maybe if Mayor Bloomberg had studied American history, he might not have excluded clergy from 9/11 commemoration

B. Daniel Blatt Gay Patriot 8/29/2011

As I drive to Colorado to celebrate my father’s upcoming birthday, I have been listening to Ron Chernow’s wonderful biography of George Washington. Last night, when crossing Nevada in the dead of night, but with the temperature fluctuating from the mid-90s to low 100s, I learned of the trials […]

When people stop believing in God they start believing in Big Government and Obamaism

Ed West Telegraph [UK] 9 Nov 2010

A new study has found that belief in a God may be inversely correlated to belief in Government.

A sense of political stability provides comforting reassurance that our world is orderly and controlled. So does belief in an all-powerful deity. This puts the two in a seesaw […]