Tea party steps in to help riot-racked businesses rebuild in Ferguson — media ignores it

Joe Saunders BizPac Review 8/28/2014

While liberals “leaders” were crowing for the cameras and pretending to pray, St. Louis conservatives were taking some positive steps toward actually helping the Ferguson community torn up by rioting.

The St. Louis Tea Party is organizing a “BUYcott” of businesses along the now-infamous Florissant Avenue where some of the […]

We Blame George W. Bush

ObamaCare survives, but the Commerce Clause has limits.

James Taranto The Wall Street Journal 6/28/2012

ObamaCare is still the law of the land, and we blame George W. Bush. In National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sebelius, four associate justices adopted the position of Florida’s Judge Roger Vinson, voting to strike down the entire law–we […]

NAACP Leftists Claim ‘Hardcore White Supremists’ Are Behind Tea Party Movement

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 7/13/2010

Black conservatives from the National Center for Public Policy Research released this powerful statement today condemning the NAACP for their radical resolution against tea party protesters.

Black Activists Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Movement

Washington, DC – As the NAACP plans to use their group’s prestige to […]