Baltimore Chief of Police: It Would be ‘Race-Baiting’ to Note a Hate Crime Against a White Man is, in Fact, a Hate Crime

Ace Ace of Spades HQ 4/12/2012

Not a hate crime, just “opportunistic criminal behavior.”

What was the opportunity? One white guy lost in a black neighborhood?

What was the selection process for their victim? Was it just random they chose the one white guy?

If that wasn’t random — if he was chosen, at it […]

Quote of the day

17 March 2012

May the best day of your past Be the worst day of your future.

~An Irish blessing

Beannachtaí na Féile Padraig daoibh go leir from the Celts at Common American Journal!


24 February 2012


Many of our current problems stem from electing people who seem unable, or unwilling, to consider the unintended consequences of their choices and actions.


Doesn’t it seem like an administration filled with Ivy League “geniuses” should have seen the potential for trouble here?

H/T giliar at Hump Day Report […]