American Jobs Act

Colleen Curtis 9/9/2011

On Thursday September 8, President Obama presented the American Jobs Act in an address to Congress. The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple: put more people back to work and put more money in the pockets of working Americans. We’ve created some fact sheets you can download that explain […]

Obama’s union army and ‘Pass this bill’ infomercial

Michael Ramirez Investors Business Daily 9/8/2011

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Blood on the Streets? US Communists Prepare for Conflict, “Hellraising”

Violence and intimidation are coming to the streets of America – if the Communist Party USA gets its way.

Emboldened by their “friend” Barack Obama’sLabor Day speech in Detroit, the communists […]

Pelosi drops the word ‘stimulus’

Mike Lillis The Hill 9/6/2011

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats have dropped the word “stimulus” from their vocabulary.

Though the House minority leader and her caucus are still pushing an economic stimulus agenda to save the economy, they’ve radically changed their rhetoric with the hope of winning over voters who saw “stimulus” as […]

Bankrupt Evergreen Solar’s U.S. Govt. Benefits Mostly Unreported, Probably Impossible to Track

Tom Blumer NewsBusters 8/21/2011

On August 15, the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, and the Associated Press all reported that Massachusetts-based Evergreen Solar had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Oddly enough (no, not really), The New York Times, which published a 1,600-word report in January (HT to an NB emailer) on the company’s competitive difficulties, […]

White House Debates Fight on Economy

Binyamin Appelbaum and Helene Cooper The New York Times 8/13/2011

WASHINGTON — As the economy worsens, President Obama and his senior aides are considering whether to adopt a more combative approach on economic issues, seeking to highlight substantive differences with Republicans in Congress and on the campaign trail rather than continuing to pursue elusive compromises, […]

On Day 938 Of His Presidency, Obama Says He’ll Have a Jobs Plan In a Month Or So When He Gets Back From Vacation…

Zip Weasel Zippers 8/17/2011

“Leadership in action” alert.

The President's 'Magical Misery Tour' bus. Click on the image to enlarge. Photo LA Times


…When in trouble, give a speech. Say, early September. Before all this Rick Perry 40% of the nation’s jobs come from Texas stuff really gets going.

The president has […]