Obama mandates insurance companies provide birth control free

The Right Scoop 12/10/2012

This is how he is supposedly getting around the First Amendment concerns of religious liberty so that religious organizations won’t have to pay for birth control services and religious institutions won’t have to provide these services directly, to mandate that insurance companies provide it for free…

…Obama must take the American […]

Stupak takes his 30 pieces of silver in airport grants

Ace of Spades HQ 3/21/2010

Instapundit: Three quarters of million bucks for three, count ’em, three airports in Stupak’s district.

Maybe say hello to one of Stupak’s opponents in November, Dan Benishek.

Stupak… Now making the odd claim that his own language, which he appeared on HardBall 60 times to promote, does not “promote life.”


Pelosi: Democrat ‘threw me under the bus’

By JONATHAN ALLEN Politico.com 11/17/09

California Democrat Xavier Becerra has learned a lesson about calling out Nancy Pelosi.


In the run-up to this month’s House vote on health care reform, Becerra suggested to the Congressional Progressive Caucus that party leaders gave up too easily on the favored “robust” public option.

That didn’t sit well […]