Hitting the boiling point over the border

Amnesty forces may finally have gone too far

Mark Krikorian Commentary The Washington Times 7/17/2014

…Perhaps one particular decision by the White House highlights how concerned the administration is about public reaction: As of now, not a single illegal-alien detainee seems to have been sent to Louisiana or Arkansas, the states bordering Texas that are […]

Limbaugh is right about Obama’s war on suburbs

Robert Romano NetRightDaily 7/18/2014

“What better way to give a boost to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act and the remaking of American neighborhoods than to start injecting illegal immigrant populations into targeted cities and towns in the suburbs all across the country?”

That was national radio talk show superhost Rush Limbaugh commenting on a […]

Obama Quietly Pushes Forward With Anti-Suburban Campaign

Paul Mirengoff Power Line 7/30/2013

I wrote here about President Obama’s plans to redistribute wealth from the suburbs to the cities, as exposed by Stanley Kurtz in his book Spreading The Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For the Cites. Stanley returns to this theme in a post about the latest element […]

Lehigh Valley gets $3.4 million grant to promote sustainable development

Tom Zanki The Express-Time via LehighValleyLive.com 11/21/2011

The federal government has awarded $3.4 million to the Lehigh Valley aimed at making the area more affordable by reducing housing and transportation costs.

The Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp., the lead agency among a consortium of regional organizations and cities that sought the funding, announced the grant […]