FCC targets black conservative in TV station fight

Phillip Swarts The Washington Times 3/10/2014

For years, the Federal Communications Commission has allowed TV stations to execute joint operating agreements allowing themselves to outsource tasks such as advertising sales to group owners with more resources.

But when conservative columnist and entrepreneur Armstrong Williams recently purchased two stations, making him one of America’s few black […]

FCC Chief Wants to Ease TV Station Cross Ownership With Radio and Newspapers

David Lieberman Deadline.com 11/18/2011

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is prepared to junk federal rules that limit companies from owning TV and radio stations in the same market — and go half way in doing the same for TV stations and newspapers. He’s circulating a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would wipe out the TV-newspaper restriction […]

Networks and CNN refuse administration’s request to block Fox News

Posted on YouTube by patriotsandheroes October 22, 2009

White House tries to bar Fox News from interviewing ‘pay czar’

Posted on YouTube by pundital October 22, 2009