Rabbi Lapin: Here’s a question that should keep you up at night

Glenn Beck 6/11/2015

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…DANIEL: The ultimate socialist government views us as its property. Which is one of the reasons that the Nazi government opposed smoking. I mean, you read some of the Draconian regulations about cigarettes and cigars in America, but it echoes […]

Glenn Beck talks about today’s two rallies in DC

Glenn Beck 6/19/2013

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn talked with Stu about his experience in D.C.:

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There’s more video, a slide presentation, and the transcript of Glenn’s remarks at GlennBeck.com


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Jim Hoft posted several items to The Gateway Pundit today. Here’s one: Massive […]

Tea Party backer brings conservative message to black voters

Susanne Cervenka Florida Today via USAToday 2/20/2011

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Frantz Kebreau’s speech of creating a colorblind society captured David Folsom’s attention almost instantaneously.

Folsom, a Titusville resident, had decided it was time to visit the restroom during the Independence Day Tea Party rally at Space Coast Stadium.

“I had taken about six steps and […]

Restoring Honor, 8/28/2010

Photo below from Bill4DogCatcher.com

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Photo courtesy 'Quahog Campaigner,' Facebook.com

Photo courtesy 'Quahog Campaigner,' Facebook.com

Photo of Sarah Palin by Alex Wong/Getty Images. H/T TheRightScoop.com

Photo courtesy the CAJ Wordboss

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Alveda King, gave a […]