‘Testy’ like a fox: What’s behind Rand Paul’s argument with the media?

T. Becket Adams The Washington Examiner 4/10/2015

…This last point — that Paul’s aggressive style with reporters won’t hurt him for the simple reason that voters already dislike media – may be the key to understanding the senator’s combative interview behavior.

Right-leaning voters have long maintained that newsrooms are steeped in anti-conservative bias and that […]

How David Horowitz Revealed the Truth about Ralph Miliband’s Legacy…

…What it Should Teach the British Left

Ron Radosh PJ Media 10/12/2013

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You may not know the name Ralph Miliband, but by now, the late Marxist professor is a household name in the UK. He was the father of the Labor Party’s leader and possible future PM, Ed Miliband. When the conservative […]

NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files

A threat of legal action by the government that could have stopped reporting on the files leaked by Edward Snowden led to a symbolic act at the Guardian’s offices in London


“You’ve had your fun. Now we want the stuff back.”


Julian Borger The Guardian 20 August 2013

Guardian editors on […]

You might think this is tonight’s front page from Drudge…

9 August 2013

…but it’s tonight’s headlines from The Huffington Post.



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  Obama Dismisses Snowden: Not ‘A Patriot’…

  Claims Reforms Have Nothing To Do With Him…

  NO ONE BUYS IT: ‘Dubious At Best’…

  FLASHBACK: Intel Master Gave ‘Least Untruthful’ Answer To Congress… […]

Obama administration takes first step in probe on who leaked info about phone, email tracking

Fox News 6/8/2013

The Obama administration has taken a first step toward opening a criminal investigation into the purported leaking of classified documents related to the federal government tracking Americans’ phone calls and emails, a source familiar with the high-level discussions told Fox News on Saturday.

The source said a “criminal report has been filed,” […]

WikiLeaks suffers major breach, prompting accusations and a theory on what went wrong

Jason Ukman The Washington Post 9/1/2011

The full, unredacted versions of more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables are floating around online after the security of a WikiLeaks database was compromised.

Thousands of the cables had previously been published, but many of those cables had been carefully redacted to protect the names of individuals who consulted […]