New Evidence Released in Fakegate Global Warming Scandal

Joe Bast The Heartland Institute 5/1/2012

The Heartland Institute today released more evidence that Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick was the likely author of a fake “climate strategy memo” that Gleick originally claimed came from a “Heartland insider,” and later said he received “in the mail” from an anonymous source.

Heartland released a computer forensics […]

Fakegate: why the perps should be prosecuted

“Be you never so high, the law is above you.”

Guest post by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Watts Up With That 2/23/2012

…Over tea and scones at the National Liberal Club while Dick was with the Minister, several of us discussed what we call Fakegate – the frauds recently perpetrated to the detriment […]

Scientist who lied to obtain Heartland documents faces fight to save job

Pacific Institute ‘deeply concerned’ about Gleick’s deception to obtain confidential documents from rightwing thinktank

Suzanne Goldenberg US environment correspondent The Guardian [UK] 22 February 2012

The career and reputation of the scientist behind the Heartland Institute exposé was in jeopardy on Wednesday night, after his employers said they were reviewing his use of deception to […]

Climate Activist Admits to Posing as Someone Else to Obtain Internal Documents From The Heartland Institute

Liz Klimas The Blaze 2/21/2012

The president and founder of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security admitted to posing as someone else to obtain documents from the free-market think tank, The Heartland Institute. These documents leaked last week to journalists and bloggers revealed internal strategies and fundraising from the Institute. Some […]

Joe Bastardi Unloads On Penn State Corruption – Feels Betrayed

P. Gosselin NoTricksZone 14 August 2010

Anyone who reads this blog knows that meteorologist Joe Bastardi is one of my favorites. Yesterday he wrote a scathing piece at his European blog about his alma mater Penn State for the way it whitewashed the Michael Mann affair, and other things.

Joe Bastardi is a graduate of […]

Only morons, cheats and liars still believe in Man-Made Global Warming

James Delingpole Telegraph [UK] 19th May 2010

Well of course I would write a headline like that having just spent the last three days in Chicago at the Heartland Institute’s 4th International Conference on Climate Change. This is the event the cackling, cloak-wearing, befanged AGW-denying community attends every year to glorify in their own evil. […]