Obama: “The ‘Louisiana Purchase’ would cover an earthquake in Hawaii”?

by Cassy Fiano HotAir.com

This moment, from Bret Baier’s interview on Fox News with Obama, might just be one of the biggest “WTF?!” moments from Obama’s presidency yet. Obama is either completely making things up, living in an alternate reality, or really, really confused.

Actually, my guess is that’s it’s probably a combination of all […]

Quote of the day, ‘Katrina Edition’

[Today’s quote is in honor of Senator Mary Landrieu’s 54th birthday and her $300 million dollar gift from the American taxpayers…]

Sunday Open Thread: Katrina Edition by Publius BigGovernment.com

Who knew that this was the beginning of government health care in this country?

We may never fully appreciate the full costs of Hurricane Katrina.


The Louisiana Purchase, then and now

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin blogs that, “Landrieu boasts that her payoff was $300 million, not $100 million…”

This week the American people find themselves paying for Louisiana again, though Thomas Jefferson got a better deal than Harry Reid. Jefferson purchased over 800,000 square miles of land in the heart of what was to become our nation. […]