Limbaugh quotes C.S. Lewis in defense of Missouri rodeo clown

Rush Limbaugh Hammers Thin-Skinned Obama and the Left over the Missouri “Rodeo Clown” Fiasco

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 8/14/2013

We posted some audio earlier of Rush Limbaugh’s blasting of the whole “Obama Rodeo Clown” mess at the Missouri State Fair. But here is more extensive video of Rush on today’s show just hammering Obama and the […]

Comrades, celebrate! The People’s Cube is 8 years old!

Red Square The People’s Cube 4/1/2013



Oppressed workers, peasants, and unwashed toiling intelligentsia!

Eight years ago today the People’s Cube rapidly rose over the virtual horizon like the red sun of the revolution, dispelling the right-wing darkness of the blogosphere.

Report to your local Kommissar for instructions about proper celebratory procedures. Join […]

Harvard Law offering ‘Understanding Obama’ course–taught by Obama mentor

Barack Obama at Harvard Law (Photo: NY Times) click on the image to enlarge

Erica Ritz The Blaze 4/11/2012

The sterling halls of academia are often targeted by conservatives for being political “indoctrination” centers, but Harvard Law may be taking it to another level. How? The prestigious school is now reportedly offering a […]

Goodbye, Andrew

We have lost our bravest warrior, but we must continue his good fight.

Michael Walsh National Review Online 3/1/2012

In the war against the institutional Left, Andrew Breitbart was the Right’s Achilles; the bravest of all the warriors, now fallen on the plain. There was no combat in which he would not engage, no battle […]