Without Texas, where would we be? and The World According to San Francisco

Without Texas, where would we be?

TigerHawk 10/18/2010

In Ayn Rand’s libertarian romance Atlas Shrugged, a metaphorical Colorado is the state on which America’s last, best hope rests. If she wrote the book today, she would choose Texas, which created more than half of all the jobs created in the United States in the […]

A short note on the Obama administration’s aggressive prosecution of leakers

TigerHawk 6/12/2010

Every now and then a strange paragraph slips by the editors of the New York Times. Today, the dead-tree paper features a story on its front page about the Obama administration’s surprisingly aggressive prosecution of people who leak government secrets. Right there, only six paragraphs down:

In 17 months in office, President […]

Lehman Investigator: SEC Failed to Ask Crucial Questions

Tiernan Ray Barrons.com 4/20/2010

The man of the hour is Anton Valukas, the bankruptcy investigator into Lehman Brothers’s collapse.

The public’s trust, Valukas tells the House Financial Services Committee, in the Securities & Exchange Commission’s regulation of Lehman was not fulfilled.

The SEC knew that Lehman was failing its own risk limits in 2008, but […]

Crashing the ‘Crashing the Tea Party’ Meme

Moe Lane RedState.com 4/11/2010

I can’t speak for whether or not the ‘Crash the Tea Party’ thing referenced here is real, or just some dweeb on the West Coast who’s trying to sell t-shirts to liberal racists who don’t want to admit that they’re racists. Honestly, I could see either; one of the gratifying things […]

Group plans to ‘Crash the Tea Party’ with fake racism signs

Instapundit Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 9:21 am APRIL 11, 2010

GROUP PLANS TO “Crash The Tea Party” with fake racist signs:


Instapundit UPDATE: TigerHawk asks some questions. On the Internet, nobody knows if you’re a dog. But Occam’s razor still applies.

CAJ Note: So we checked their Twitter page @tpartycrasher […]