Howard Dean and the $100,000 Wisconsin Slush Fund

“If even one of these Democrats had remained in Wisconsin, the state police would have forcibly brought them to the state Capitol and the bill would have passed. So now they are holed up in another state playing a high stakes game of chicken over which side will cave first. That’s why we […]

Senator-spotting outside the Tilted Kilt


Chris Muir Big Government 2/20/2011

For those who aren’t familiar with the Tilted Kilt go to ‘Cheeseheads gone wild’ and scroll to the very bottom of the post. This is where WI’s absentee senators have been hanging out rather than doing their jobs in Madison.

Update: More humor from BigGovernment, Confession: […]

‘Wisconsin this week’ or ‘Cheeseheads gone wild’

17 February 2011

We began following this yesterday, 16 February, with the help of Ann Althouse, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. We urge you to follow the links to read the posts in full.

Madison schools close for the day to allow teachers to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting budget plan.