Center for American Progress Donors Buy Clinton Access, Experts Say

Supporters of a Clinton presidential run pour money into think tank devising Hillary’s likely platform

Lachlan Markay The Washington Free Beacon 1/22/2015

Supporters of an independent pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC are pouring money into the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank expected to be the ideological nerve center of a Clinton presidential […]

Ann Romney tells Mitt’s critics to ‘Stop it.’

Will they listen?

Presidential campaigns may be hardest on the spouses. In a radio interview Thursday, Ann Romney revealed how much the sniping from Republicans has hurt.

Liz Marlantes The Christian Science Monitor 9/21/2012

Maybe it’s a maternal thing. But we couldn’t help but sympathize somewhat when we heard Ann Romney’s latest attempt to defend […]

A $135.8 million energy loan was just awarded to…

Look whose relative just got $135.8 million energy loan ‘Green’ firm with White House ties lined up to get massive guarantee

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 10/11/2011

The sister-in-law of John Podesta, President Obama’s influential White House transition director, served as the lobbyist for a wind power firm that was just awarded a $135.8 million loan guarantee […]

The CEO problem

Ed Morrissey 7/5/2010

Fareed Zakaria provides an interesting diagnosis to the economic woes that continue to plague the US as Barack Obama’s second year in office grinds towards the midterms. He spoke to a number of CEOs, many of whom voted for Obama in November 2008, in order to get an idea of why […]

Glenn Beck on Fox discussing Soros, Obama, Petrobras, and you

CAJ note: Last August the news of the Obama administration’s support of the Brazil oil giant, Petrobras, began to surface on the web. We began sharing articles then with our readers, and so were pleased to see Glenn Beck connecting the dots on his program this evening. There’s more to come, evidently, and we urge […]