Releasing the Blind Sheikh?

It is too early to tell, but not too early to be very worried.

Andrew C. McCarthy National Review Online 3/1/2012

The Arabic-language newspaper al-Arabiya reported on Tuesday that the Obama administration has offered to release Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to Egypt. Abdel Rahman is the infamous “Blind Sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 for […]

Obama Adds Military Heroes to ‘Enemies List’ Breitbart News 21 Aug 2012

President Barack Obama has added military heroes to his “enemies list,” singling out veterans’ groups such as Special Operations for America and Veterans for a Strong America on his campaign website, much as he singled out donors to Republican rival Mitt Romney for attack. Several veterans’ groups have spoken […]

Why kidz kant spel?

21 February 2012

NEA to help set the record straight and hold politicians accountable for false attacks

Yeah. Or something.

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H/T The Blacksphere on Facebook where Kevin Jackson has been sharing his research on Obama’s “truth teams.” Kevin also shared this from the “Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE […]

Obama to Unleash ‘Truth Teams’ to Counter Negative Coverage

GOP describes squads of supporters as “propaganda teams to deceive voters”

Steve Watson 2/13/2012

The Obama campaign is to “educate” and deploy what it describes as “truth teams” to ensure that any attacks on the president’s record are feverishly countered in the run up to the general election.

ABC News reports that teams of […]