GOP lawmaker: Obama saying ‘up yours’ to Congress

Cristina Marcos The Hill 7/7/2015

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) on Tuesday said President Obama’s executive order regarding the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could be summed up as: “Up yours.”

Young claimed the executive order announced earlier this year to recommend designating nearly all 20 million acres in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as wilderness […]

Gohmert to Have Oversight of BLM

Bob Price Breitbart Texas 19 Jan 2015

U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) was appointed chairman of the House Subcommittee for Natural Resources Oversight and Investigations. This subcommittee has, among other responsibilities, oversight of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Gohmert received the committee chairmanship despite his recent historic challenge to House Speaker John Boehner […]

Out of Control: Feds Ready to Seize More Guitars at Concerts

Independent Journal Review 5/18/2012

The US’s fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, is at it again. For some reason, the US Fish and Wildlife Service sees it necessary to use American taxpayer dollars to focus on a tariff law violation concerning wood. They are so determined to eradicate illegal wood that they are even considering […]

Germany’s Failing Environmental Projects

Ed Driscoll Instapundit 5/10/2012


The energy-saving light bulb ends up as hazardous waste, too much insulation promotes mold and household drains are emitting a putrid odor because everyone is saving water. Many of Germany’s efforts to protect the environment are a chronic failure, but that’s unlikely to change.

It’s not easy […]

Ted Nugent joins Glenn Beck to discuss government harrassment

Ted Nugent joins Glenn to discuss the out of control overreach of government

GBTV 4/26/2012

And about those pigs? NaturalNews exclusive: Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs

Apr 16, 2012 … NaturalNews exclusive: Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, […]

Wind Farms Slaughtering Golden Eagles

Rob Port SayAnythingBlog 2/19/2012

Here in North Dakota, after months of investigation by federal officials, a group of oil companies were charged with crimes in federal court for the death of a couple of dozen common water fowl. Those charges have since been tossed out of federal court, and the partisan Obama-appointed prosecutor responsible for […]