Netanyahu: The PA, Not Israel, Should Fear the ICC

Netanyahu responds to Abbas’s ICC move by noting the PA’s pact with Hamas, vulnerability to prosecution for war crimes.

Tova Dvorin Israel National News 12/31/2014

Israel has little to fear from the Palestinian Authority (PA) signing the Rome Statute to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated Wednesday night – and […]

UN Declares 2014 ‘Year of Solidarity With The Palestinian People,’ Passes Six Resolutions Condemning Israel…

Zip Weasel Zippers 11/27/2013

The U.N. couldn’t be any more biased against Israel if it tried.

The U.N. General Assembly is poised to condemn Israel in six resolutions today, the most significant of which declares 2014 as a “Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

In a related development, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has categorically […]

Iran Elected to Top U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Post

CAJ note: See our related article, Dick Morris: Obama, Sec. Clinton will sign U.N. gun control treaty this month

Daniel Halper The Weekly Standard 7/8/2012

The nation of Iran has been elected to serve on a top U.N. Arms Trade Treaty post, the monitoring group U.N. Watch reports.

“Although the U.N. conference website and summary […]

Putin in Israel upstages Obama, points up waning U.S. influence

Leo Rennert American Thinker 6/25/2012

Israel is rolling out the red carpet for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit, unveiling a memorial to Russian soldiers who died in World War II, a cordial meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, a welcoming parade of top dignitaries and — most important — a big push to strengthen economic and […]

John Bolton: An Obama 2nd term means collusion with UN, Russia; destruction of the Republic, Constitutional rights

NRAVideos YouTube 4/3/2012

Ginny Simone talks to former UN Ambassador John Bolton about President Obama’s recent “open mic” slip up, raising a disturbing question: If he’s willing to offer “more flexibility” to the Russian’s on missile defense, what’s Obama willing to do when it comes to your right to self defense, if he’s re-elected.

via […]

Report: Obama focused on Iran diplomacy in tense meeting with Netanyahu

“He believes he will then be seen in history as a peacemaker who prevented a catastrophic war.” 3/7/2012

Little love was lost in the March 5 meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Western diplomatic sources.

The sources said Obama may travel to Iran in […]