‘The ordinary people were not happy. They loathed the Emperor’s interference in every detail of their daily lives.’

Althouse 1/11/2013

“Why should they be forbidden to bake ginger-bread just because Joseph thought it bad for the stomach? Why the Imperial edict demanding the breast-feeding of infants? Why the banning of corsets? From these and a thousand other petty regulations, enforced by a secret police, it looked to the Austrians as though Joseph were […]

Obama to $7,500 per Plate Fundraiser Hosts: Can’t Stay for Dinner, Gotta Scoop the Poop

The Lonely Conservative 10/26/2010

I have absolutely no sympathy for the hosts and guests at a $7,500 per plate Rhode Island fundraiser where President Obama was the guest of honor. It’s people like them who helped bring about this debacle. That being said, it was awfully rude of him to duck out before the meal […]