Blatantly hypocritical or tragically ‘developmentally imbalanced’? You decide.

Hypocritical libs freak out about rich, snooty ‘beautiful people’ at Romney fundraiser

Twitchy 7/9/2012

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Predictably, the Left is still freaking out over the $75,000 per couple Romney fundraiser hosted at the Southhampton home of Julia and David Koch. You know, the fundraiser that’s totally different than […]

‘Vanity Fair’ investigates Romney’s offshore bank accounts, finds nothing

Eddie Scarry The Blaze 7/3/2012

There’s a four-page investigation running in Vanity Fair on the most tired subject of the presidential race: Mitt Romney‘s money how private he is about it.

What we learn from the lengthy piece: Nothing, really. Except that having offshore accounts and taking advantage of tax loopholes:

“…kind of looks tacky.” […]

‘They got to Greta, too, huh?’

Glenn Beck: Thank you Greta!

TheRightScoop 9/30/2010

Greta Van Susteren penned a response to the title of a Vanity Fair piece alleging that Glenn Beck is despised among his peers and the network president at Fox News Channel. She simply asks in her title “Where do they get this stuff? is the media just making […]