Thomas Perez Should Be Blocked

Panther-case scofflaw merits no cabinet post.

Quin Hillyer The American Spectator 3/12/2013

If President Obama thinks he can get away with appointing an obvious prevaricator to be Secretary of Labor – and a radical, race-baiting one at that – he has lost all touch with reality. Even a group as confused and fractious as the […]

The party for women’s rights? Setting the record straight

Kevin Jackson The Blacksphere via Facebook 3/16/2012

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CAJ note: Read about Senator Sargent on Wikipedia

Stand aside, Seniors! ‘Fairness’ says the young are more entitled to voting rights than you

WaPo’s Boy Wonder Ezra Klein: Hey, Let’s Take Away Seniors Voting Rights to Give Dems an Advantage!…

Zip Weasel Zippers 5/18/2011


(Ezra Klein/WaPo) – Here’s your out-of-the-box policy idea for the day:

America should implement weighted voting to make voting more objective and fair, and give the young more power, because the consequences […]

Editorial: Crunch time for military voting

While troops fight, the Obama team drags its feet

The Washington Times 8/30/2010

The Justice Department should file suit this week against dozens of states that appear not to be in compliance with a 2009 law to ensure voting rights for military personnel stationed abroad. Failure to file suit will expose the Obama administration’s lack […]