EPA Dumps One Million Gallons of Wastewater Into Colorado River

Blake Seitz The Washington Free Beacon 8/7/2015

The Environmental Protection Agency, the federal agency committed to protecting “human health and the environment,” jeopardized both Wednesday by accidentally releasing one million gallons of wastewater into Colorado’s Animas River.

EPA bureaucrats were using heavy machinery to nose around the Gold King Mine near Durango, Colorado, when they […]

Clean Energy’s Dirty Secret: Cancer

Amy Oliver Finance Townhall.com 10/23/2011

…The myth that green energy is “clean” energy.

Manufacturing solar panels isn’t clean.

Two of the three solar companies profiled earlier, GE and Abound, already produce or plan to make Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) thin film photovoltaics (PV). CdTe is a compound formed from Cadmium and Tellurium. While Tellurium is rare, […]

Watch ‘Gasland’ Director Josh Fox Admit He Left Key Facts Out of Enviro-Doc

John Nolte Big Hollywood 6/1/2011

This is quite possibly one of the greatest pieces bonafide journalism I’ve ever seen, especially how filmmaker/journalist Phelim McAleer manages to get ”Gasland” director Josh Fox’s to admit he left a key piece of relevant information out of his film. Fox’s Academy Award-nominated documentary blames the energy industry’s practice of […]