Jimmy Carter Accuses Obama of Violating U.S. Constitution

The Daily Signal 10/8/2014

Former President Jimmy Carter sharply criticized President Obama for his handling of foreign policy yesterday, saying it’s often “hard to figure out what his policy is.”

In an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the nation’s 39th president accused Obama of violating the U.S. Constitution with drone strikes that killed Americans.


Did Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Reason Interview Sink Her at Brandeis?

Nick Gillespie Reason.com 4/9/2014

After announcing that it would honor author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali with an honorary doctorate, Brandeis University has withdrawn its offer, partly due to statements she made during a 2007 Reason interview.

Born in Somalia and raised in Kenya, Hirsi Ali fled to the Netherlands and became an outspoken critic […]

Where are feminists when you really need them?

English Defence League Jewish Division (EDL) Facebook 1/22/2013

lost for words



CAJ note: OK, you hypocrites who became incandescent with rage when Romney said, “binders full of women.” Here’s something actually worthy of your indignation: these women are chained…like dogs…or cattle. And all we can hear from you…*crickets*…


Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam

Manual warns soldiers in Afghanistan not to talk about certain subjects

Jack Minor WorldNetDaily 12/15/2012

A new Army manual that warns American soldiers in Afghanistan to avoid talking about certain topics has unwittingly acknowledged that Western taboos such as pedophilia are an inherent part of Islamic culture.

“By mentioning that pedophilia and women’s rights and […]

'Binders Full of Women' vs. White House Women Treated LIke 'Meat'

Obama Treating Women Like Breeding Animals

Rachel Alexander Townhall.com 10/11/2012

…Abortion and birth control are highly controversial issues, with women divided over their use and funding. Consequently, it cannot be said that they equate to “women’s rights,” which all women have traditionally supported. Additionally, with all of the free women’s clinics around the country, it […]

DNC Rejects Christian Gift Baskets

Todd Starnes Fox News Radio 9/5/2012

The Democratic National Committee banned dozens of Charlotte churches from distributing gift baskets to delegates because the congregations hold values that are contrary to the party platform, according to local religious leaders.

“They told us our views on women’s rights are contrary to the Democratic party platform,” said David […]