Obama Wants to Close Off Energy-Rich Stretch of Alaska to Development

Sean Hackbarth U.S. Chamber of Commerce 1/26/2015

Pultizer Prize-winning author Daniel Yergin, wrote in the New York Times that global energy markets are at an inflection point. The role of the world’s “swing producer” has swung to the United States:

By leaving oil prices to the market, Saudi Arabia and the emirates also passed the […]

Epic hypocrisy: 1,700 private jets fly to Davos to discuss perils of 'climate change'

Thomas Lifson American Thinker 1/21/2015

With the World Economic Forum, the premier gathering of the world’s elite, convening in Davos, Switzerland, private jets are as thick as locusts in the air over Zurich Airport. Seventeen hundred of them, according to Twitter feed of Flightradar24…

…This epic event surpasses even the moment 11 years ago when […]

Davos elites to seek reforms of ‘outdated’ capitalism

AFP via Breitbart.com 1/22/2012

Economic and political elites meeting this week at the Swiss resort of Davos will be asked to urgently find ways to reform a capitalist system that has been described as “outdated and crumbling.” “We have a general morality gap, we are over-leveraged, we have neglected to invest in the future, we […]

Jordan’s King Abdullah on how no one trusts Obama’s government

Barry Rubin Opinion The Daily Caller 10/26/2011

Earlier this week, The Washington Post’s Lally Weymouth interviewed King Abdullah of Jordan. Here’s how King Abdullah responded to Weymouth’s question, “Do you and other leaders in this area believe you cannot rely on the U.S.?”

“I think everybody is wary of dealing with the West. … Looking […]

You Know The US Is Screwed, When China, Gambia, And Jordan Have Better Property Rights

Joe Weisenthal Business Insider 9/9/2010

The World Economic Forum is out with its latest global competitiveness rankings today, and the US has fallen to 4th place (which is still really good). Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore are the three countries that are ranked better.

But look beneath the hood, and you’ll find serious deterioration in the […]

Is U.S. Losing Its Competitive Edge?

Editorial Investor’s Business Daily 9/9/10

Economy: Our slip is showing. The United States now ranks fourth among all nations in competitiveness, down from first just two years ago. Not surprisingly, it’s government — not business — that’s to blame.

The annual rankings put out by the World Economic Forum are comprehensive — evaluating 139 countries […]