Limbaugh is right about Obama’s war on suburbs

Robert Romano NetRightDaily 7/18/2014

“What better way to give a boost to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act and the remaking of American neighborhoods than to start injecting illegal immigrant populations into targeted cities and towns in the suburbs all across the country?”

That was national radio talk show superhost Rush Limbaugh commenting on a […]

Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Chart ‘Road to Majority’

Josh Seigel The Daily Signal 6/19/2014

Three prominent Republican senators – all rumored presidential candidates in 2016 – today projected their visions for the future of the party during the first day of the Road to Majority conference in Washington…

…The Daily Signal highlights some quotes and other moments from the senators at the opening […]

Obama Moves to Impose His Vision of How We Should Live, Part One

Paul Mirengoff PowerLine 12/26/2013

As the end of the year approaches, we are waiting for the Obama administration to complete the process by which its rule on “affirmatively furthering fair housing” (AFFH) becomes embedded in the Code of Federal Regulations. In July, the Department of Housing and Urban Development issued its proposed AFFH rule for […]

Americans keep moving to states with low taxes and housing costs

Michael Barone The Washington Examiner 10/30/2013

Where are Americans moving, and why? Timothy Noah, writing in the Washington Monthly, professes to be puzzled. He points out that people have been moving out of states with high cheapest viagra to buy online in uk per capita incomes — Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland — to states […]

The Revolt Against FEMA

‘Sandy’ Victims Criticize FEMA Flood Maps, Slow Progress


A worker with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rakes debris in the burn site in the Breezy Point section of the Queens borough of New York, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013. One hundred ten homes burned to the ground during a fire that swept […]

Couple fined for having garden: Take that, urban vegetable gardening trend

A couple fined for having a garden in Orlando, Fla. has been ordered to dig up their vegetables or pay a $500 a day fine until they do.

Stephanie Hanes The Christian Science Monitor 1/9/2013

Michelle Obama does it, but at your house? Not so fast.

That, at least, is the message Florida couple Jason […]