Taxes and the Fairness Offensive

Jazz Shaw

For the 2012 election season, Democrats are going back to the drawing board and coming up with bold, fresh new ideas. One of the big, revolutionary game plans is obviously going to be, “Hey… let’s raise taxes!”

What’s that you say? You think this is the same thing they always try? Don’t be fooled. There’s a whole new approach being rolled out. We’re not going to simply jack up everyone’s taxes to take in more money and then blow it all on inefficient, costly programs. We’re going to have a whole new type of tax policy. You see, we’re just trying to be fair.

Democratic leaders are embracing a new strategy for tax reform that leans on President Obama’s State of the Union call for tax fairness and economic equality.

The new strategy diverges from the 1986 formula, the last time Washington successfully tackled tax reform, and focuses on raising tax revenue from the wealthiest taxpayers and businesses that funnel jobs offshore.

“Tax reform after the president’s speech now has a different definition,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday.

“We intend to pursue a different kind of tax reform that borrows from the president’s proposals,” Schumer, a leader in crafting Democratic messaging, told reporters.

See? We’re not trying to take anything away from anybody, or punish the rich or conduct class warfare. We just want everything to be fair

…This is no laughing matter. The Democrats are getting ready to roll out a double bladed campaign of mediscare on one side and “tax fairness” on the other. And without a substantial, yet easily relayed message in response, it’s going to be a powerful weapon in the general elections.

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CAJ note: As we wrote to a friend earlier today, “1.) Everyone needs skin in the game. At the moment 48% pay no federal tax. So they have no concerns whatsoever about the obscene levels of federal spending. 2.) I don’t subscribe to the politics of jealousy and envy. Class warfare is for pathetic whining entitlement losers, IMHO. Life just ain’t fair sometimes and only the profoundly arrogant believe they can legislate ‘fairness.’ “

UpdateGet a load of all these programs the Feds are unofficially funding this year!

…Noxious Weed Control and Eradication [this is a real thing]:
Unauthorized FY 2012 Appropriations: Not Available

Brown Tree Snake Control and Eradication [and so is this]:
Unauthorized FY 2012 Appropriations: Not Available…

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