‘TEA Party – The Documentary Film’ viewed by sold out crowd at Hanover Tavern

Karyn McDermott
Richmond Republican Examiner

This weekend saw sold-out shows at the historic Hanover Tavern, near Richmond Virginia, of “TEA Party – The Documentary Film”.

Hosted by the Richmond Liberty Alliance, Richmond TEA Party and the Washington D.C. –based FreedomWorks Foundation, the film details five ordinary Americans who came to the conclusion individually that the federal government was not listening to them, and that it was time to act and actively protest at wasteful spending and unnecessary government growth.

Mr. Jim Smyers, from the Richmond TEA Party and one of the organizers of the event, said he was “very thrilled with the turnout”.

“There is a lot of great inspirational messages and its’ a great historical moment for people to be a part of” Mr. Smyers said whilst urging people to attend the Richmond Tax Day TEA Party to be held at Kanawha Plaza on April 15th.

The ‘TEA Party’ movie traces recent political history back to the last days of President Bush’s time in Office through the election of Democrat Barack Obama to the White House and the numerous federal government bailouts which have outraged and angered a great many Americans. Attempts by the current Administration to reform health care and the fervent opposition to such measures are illustrated by the unprecedented attendance at town hall meetings and tea parties.

The film culminates in rather dramatic style by showing the lead up to and the organization of the massive march on Washington D.C. on 9/12 late last year. This saw hundreds of thousands of people make their way to the nation’s capital to make their voices heard in what is arguably one of the largest protest gatherings of modern times.

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