Tea Party Recall Verification Effort in Wisconsin Starts Strong

Brett Healy
Big Government

Tea Party leaders in Wisconsin are happy with what they are calling an overwhelming response to their efforts to verify the signatures on the Governor Scott Walker Recall petitions.

In one day, more than 1,000 volunteers from across Wisconsin and the nation have already signed up to help two Tea Party groups verify the petitions in the upcoming gubernatorial recall.

“The response [Monday] has been overwhelming,” said Ross Brown of the Tea Party group, We the People of the Republic, one of two nonprofit organizations sponsoring the project. “Verify The Recall has become a national story less than 24 hours after it was announced.’

Brown’s comments came in an email update to supporters. His group is partnering with The Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty to sponsor the online VerifyTheRecall.com project. It is at that website where volunteers can sign up to enter the data from the handwritten petitions.

The groups announced that more than 1,200 individuals signed up on the website in the first 24 hours since the site was launched…

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