Tea Party wants to recall Dem. N.J. Sen. Menendez

The Associated Press
February 5, 2010

TRENTON — A coalition of conservative activists wants to throw New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez out of office.

Members of the Tea Party movement have sued in New Jersey Superior Court asking to be allowed to start collecting the 1.3 million voter signatures it needs to get a recall on the ballot.

The Sussex County group takes issue with Menendez’s support of health care reform and his opposition to limiting government’s control.

Their lawyer, Dan Silberstein, says the group went to court after the Secretary of State failed to certify their petition.

The Secretary of State’s office referred questions to the Attorney General, which didn’t immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

And more from RecallCongressNow.org:

Menendez Not the Only US Senator Facing Recall
(2/1/10) — “Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) responded today to the appeal by the citizens’ committee seeking to recall him, apparently insisting that he is a federal official and thus not subject to the New Jersey constitution’s recall provision, according to a source close to the case. ‘So here is a powerful New Jersey resident arguing that his home state’s Constitution, passed overwhelmingly by the people of New Jersey, that he claims to represent, is invalid and you can’t recall him from office,’ the outraged source told this Examiner. But in fact Menendez is not the only United States Senator to be the target of a recall committee. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is another.” Click here for the full story from Examiner.com.

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