Team Kerry Complaining Obama’s Netanyahu Bashing Hurts Peace Talks

Daniel Greenfield
Frontpage Magazine






John Kerry is a walking diplomatic disaster and yet, sadly enough, he has more experience than Obama does. Which means that the guy who argued the Sandinista position in Washington and cozied up to the Viet Cong actually knows more of what he’s doing than his boss does. But that doesn’t stop his boss from throwing his tantrums anyway.

An Israeli newspaper is reporting that two officials close to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry are quietly accusing President Barack Obama of sabotaging Middle East peace efforts after giving an interview in which he sharply criticized Israeli government policy.

The unnamed officials also claim that Kerry was never given a heads-up that the president had planned an interview with reporter Jeffrey Goldberg of Bloomberg View – just days before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s arrival in Washington — on the subject of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace process…



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