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I love Ted Cruz

This is one guy for whom I would campaign hard if he were to run for President.


Related: Harry Reid Calls Ted Cruz a “Schoolyard Bully”

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid called Cruz a “schoolyard bully” after he dared to question Reid over tactics being used to raise the debt ceiling. Cruz responded by saying, “I wasn’t aware we were in a schoolyard.”

Cruz is concerned about Reid raising the debt ceiling without a proper vote or input. Imagine that.

Cruz said he was concerned that the conference report—which cannot be filibustered—would be used to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. He asked that Reid amend his motion to go to conference to make out of order any provisions raising taxes or raising the debt ceiling.

Reid said Cruz had a chance to amend the Senate budget—which raises $975 billion in new tax revenue from tax reform—when it was considered on the floor.

He said Cruz’s request to eliminate all taxes in a final House-Senate budget was absurd.

As a reminder, the U.S. National Debt is getting pretty darn close to $17 trillion with no end in site.


Watch the video at Townhall.com


Also, Sen. Ted Cruz Dismantles Harry Reid with Kindness for Calling Him a “Schoolyard Bully”

Watch this and imagine Sen. Ted Cruz in a debate!

Here he is on the Senate Floor today where he totally destroyed Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his fit of anger yesterday calling Cruz a “schoolyard bully” on the Senate Floor. Cruz did the destruction with kindness, commending Reid for “his candor” in saying what he thought of Cruz and in not saying he doesn’t intend to use the Budget Reconciliation process to slip tax increases through the back door. Cruz was masterful at revealing what Reid is up to in a calm, cool manner.

Reid may be calling Cruz the “very junior Senator from Texas,” but it is Cruz who is showing himself to be head and shoulders above the likes of Harry Reid in both character and ability.


Watch the awesome video at Freedom’s Lighthouse.


At The Right Scoop, Sen. Mike Lee defends Ted Cruz, calls out Harry Reid


Update: Shocking: Twitter tattlers reveal #HowTedCruzBulliedHarryReid

Those public service announcements on bullying seem to be working. Victims of bullying are urged to tell an adult, so Sen. Harry Reid opened up on the Senate floor to confess that he’s the victim of a schoolyard bully named Ted Cruz. Majority Leader Reid didn’t let the shame of being pushed around by the “very junior senator from Texas” keep him from seeking help, but what was the problem, exactly? There have been some rumors going around the schoolyard about just #HowTedCruzBulliedHarryReid, and it’s not pretty…


More at Breitbart:

After calling Cruz a bully, Harry Reid then cut Senator Ted Cruz off by saying, “enough.”



Update: Ted Cruz Has All the Right Enemies

The Washington Post offered a splashy profile of freshman Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday, and the most surprising thing about it was a lack of venom. The reporter described “the self-assured, nonstop talker who won national debate championships as an undergraduate at Princeton.”

Cruz “honed his reputation early in his career as a dazzling Supreme Court advocate” and now “has bashed into the national conversation,” most notably in attacking establishment Republicans who’ve called him and other young Senate conservatives “wacko birds.”

This story, however, wasn’t as surprising as James Carville’s declaration on ABC’s “This Week.” He was typically blunt – but in a wholly unexpected direction: “I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years.”



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