Terry Anderson, Radio Host, Leader in Fight Against Illegal Immigration, Has Died

Roy Beck

Terry Anderson, who called himself the Prisoner of South Central (Los Angeles) died earlier today, and the silence is already deafening.

For more than a decade, Terry had broadcast his loud and angry Sunday night radio show from Los Angeles under the motto of:

“Articulating The Popular Rage”

His constant tag-line was:

“If You Ain’t Mad, You Ain’t Payin’ Attention”

When blue-collar Black Americans across the nation began to lose control of their neighborhoods, their occupations, their schools and their livelihoods because of immigration during the 1990s, Terry — above all others — refused to be silent.

For more than 15 years, nobody has been a more outspoken champion of the cause of Black Americans against the unfair competition of immigration.


Terry’s anger at what immigration had done to the historic Black neighborhoods of South Central L.A. pushed him onto stages across California and eventually across America. Usually proudly wearing overalls and doing nothing to disguise his small business and auto mechanic livelihood, Terry became one of the most popular orators in the movement to protect U.S. workers from illegal immigration.

Sadly, few of the traditional civil rights leaders — Black or White — have said a word in defense of Black Americans when it comes to immigration. Most of them have decided that the pain inflicted disproportionately on Black Americans is acceptable because immigration provides the leaders with other benefits. That is what made Terry’s work so important and so courageous — and so unique.

Roy’s tribute to Terry Anderson continues at NumbersUSA. Also, watch Terry’s speech just a month ago at the Phoenix Rising Rally.

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