The Age of the Unserious Presidency

Two wars, tanking approval rating,
unemployment stuck in double-digits… and we get this

The Reaganite Republican
30 July 2010

…In a fluff interview that would be an embarrassment to any normal person, the show’s boring, knee-jerk-liberal yentas predictably insulted your intelligence by lining-up to lick his posterior… but were topped by the grandstanding Babah Wahwah gushing how “sexy” Obama is- prompting evenDemocratic Pennsylvania Gov Ed Rendell to remark “I think there should be a little bit of dignity to the presidency… I think the president of the United States has to go on serious shows.”

Our self-hating Narcissist-in-Chief went-on to defame American blacks as a “mongrel” race- clearly a man with such self-esteem issues has no business anywhere near the levers of power in this -or any other– socially complex, multiracial nation.  Unsettlingly, Obama’s bad childhood and psychological scars have this warped and unbalanced man “acting stupidly” on a regular basis, refusing to persecute voter intimidation by the NBP, suing Arizona to block the will of the people, emboldening and radicalizing racist organizations like the NAACP and La Raza, bringing our country to the brink of a race war.... maybe McCartney should have played him Helter Skelter for inspiration, eh?…

As noted at IBD:

As Americans suffer economically, President Obama golfs, vacations, campaigns, appears on a frivolous talk show — and vacations some more. Gee, don’t we have a war and other problems to attend to?

…With the unemployment rate near double digits, in spite of over $800 billion in a misguided Keynesian stimulus, and two-thirds of Americans believing the country is headed in the wrong direction — that direction being global decline — the man elected on a platform of “Change” with a capital C seems to think his job is to neglect his job and have a blast…

Our present challenges demand more than a part-time president. [Highlight RR]

…Rather than working hard to solve problems — and perhaps knuckling down to re-assess his own failed policies — this president, in whom so many placed so much faith, is saddling us with new problems.

But hey, thanks to the taxpayers, at least he’s leading the good life.

Read this entire article at The Reaganite Republican. H/T The Conservative Pup.

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