The Barack H Obama Foundation Received Tax Exempt Status in 30 Days in 2011

Are you still puzzled how a story like this can be uncovered by an alternative investigative journal and covered-up by the mainstream media? Don’t be. It’s a Conspiracy.

Charleston Voice

A fresh Op-Ed this morning by IRS head Steven Miller reveals the lengths to which the IRS and the White House are going to spin the on-going scandal.

“The agency was simply trying to manage the explosive growth in applications for 501(c)(4) status that started pouring in to the IRS in 2010. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that we should have done a better job of handling the influx of applications by advocacy groups,” Miller wrote.

We saw the shoots of this line of thinking yesterday both from David Plouffe and Nancy Pelosi. Trying to suggest that all these groups (conservative only, mind you) that have sprung from the Citizen’s United ruling clogged up the IRS, who was then somehow reduced to scrutinizing groups (again, conservative only) in order to manage this problem. If only Citizen’s United could be overturned…


…Now back to Steven Miller. Further down his Op-Ed he writes:

“Mistakes were made, but they were in no way due to any political or partisan motivation,” he wrote. “We are—and will continue to be—dedicated to reviewing all applications for tax-exempt status in an impartial manner.”

Except, of course, when it comes to the Barack H Obama Foundation.

Let’s go back to May 8, 2011, right in the thick of the IRS targeting activity. The NY Post writes a revealing piece how the Barack H Obama Foundation, run by Obama’s half-brother Malik…

…The plot thickens, as the apologies ring hollow.


Read the entire article at Charleston Voice.


Related: Former NAACP head: Tea party ‘admittedly racist,’ ‘Taliban wing of American politics’ [VIDEO]

“I think it’s entirely legitimate to look at the tea party. I mean, here are a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political, who’ve tried as best they can to harm President Obama in every way they can. I don’t think there are correct parallels between these incidents. It was wrong for the IRS to behave in this heavy-handed manner. They didn’t explain it well before or now what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. But there are no parallels between these two…..You know, they are the Taliban wing of American politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them.”…


Well, that didn’t take long. Whaddya say we sic the IRS on the NAACP and see what happens next…


Also, Reporter Claims IRS Harassment After Tough Obama Interview *UPDATE: Conners Muzzled

 …Shortly after I did my April 2012 interview with President Obama, my wife, friends and some viewers suggested that I might need to watch out for the IRS.
I don’t accept “conspiracy theories”, but I do know that almost immediately after the interview, the IRS started hammering me…


Read the whole thing.


CAJ note:  Who is reporter Larry Conners?  St. Louis Reporter Confronts Obama on Frequent Family Vacations

I know. Imagine? A reporter asking the questions the rest of us have.


Update: The IRS Scandal: A Timeline Leaked excerpt of IG report shows systematic targeting of conservative groups

…IRS officials first began looking for “Tea Party” and other groups around March 1, 2010, more than eight months before the mid-term election that would see Republicans make historic gains in the House of Representatives, the timeline indicates.

“Determinations Unit personnel indicated that they used the description Tea Party as a shorthand way of referring to the group of cases involving political campaign intervention rather than to target any particular group. The specialist used Tea Party, Patriots, and 9/12 as part of the criteria for these searches,” according to a timeline note.

The designation 9/12 refers to a project launched by conservative pundit Glenn Beck, while “Tea Party” typically refers to a broad array of conservative grassroots groups that arose in opposition to the Obama administration’s policies, especially Obamacare and large fiscal deficits.

The IRS actions came several months after the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which overturned limits on independence expenditures by corporations and labor unions, among other associations.

The IRS identified 10 initial “Tea Party” cases and over the next month began to train its employees in “an emerging issue referred to as Tea Party Cases,” according to the June 7, 2010, entry in the timeline. The next month, managers instructed employees to “be on the lookout for Tea Party applications.”…


Read the whole thing!


Also, Corruption Flashback: White House Asks Contractors to Release Political Donations Before Bidding

The Obama Administration wanted companies to list their donations before submitting a bid.


Update 2It’s an Obama World… IRS Told Pro-Life Group It Must Promote Abortion

…Shinn said the IRS contacted him regarding his application for nonprofit status, and was told he didn’t qualify.

“The representative was telling me I had to provide information on all aspects of abortion, I couldn’t just educate the church from the pro-life perspective,” he said. “Every time I pressed her on this issue and asked her to clarify her position, she would state that it wasn’t what she was saying, and then, she would repeat it almost the same way.”…



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