The Black Hat of Socialism is Closer Than You Think

Kevin Roeten
Emerging Corruption

Socialism, something this country was not founded on, is not only pounding on the door, but may be forced by the election this fall. The ominous harbinger—the outgoing of Senator Christopher Dodd (D/Ct).

Called the Livable Communities Act (SB1619) was brought by Dodd, and will fulfill the UN’s The Green Agenda – Agenda 21, adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro (1992), creating a ‘new world order’. SB1619 has just been approved by the Senate Banking Committee, and is on the fast track to passage in the Senate. The thought is this legislation must be passed before a Republican takeover in November.

The UN’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development program is the blueprint for depopulation. It uses the environment, and specifically anthropogenic global warming by CO2, as the driving force. It lacks the vision to see population begin to decline in an irreversible spiral by the year 2050 [].

Nazi Dreams were Green Dreams” by Alan Caruba describes the frightening aspects of SB1619’s environmental edicts. He claims that the single greatest threat to America is the EPA’s ability to regulate CO2 by officially calling it a ‘pollutant’. They conveniently forget that all life on earth is totally dependent on O2 (animals), and CO2 (plants).

With that kind of control, the EPA will control the use of electricity, vehicles, and all other machines that produce CO2. When the EPA controls CO2 production, the government controls it. If the government controls it, then the government decides what machine will operate, hence a government controlled state, hence pure socialism.

As history has proved, CO2 concentration has actually followed any rise in temperature by several hundred years, as stated by the above column. Meaning CO2 production may actually be a result of rising temperatures. Not the other way around…

…The cost for S. 1619, Livable Communities Act of 2010, is estimated by the CBO over the 2011-2015 period to be $1.95 billion, and about $0.9 billion after 2015. That’s not counting the billions it would take to become a totally socialist country by 2015.

Last chance to call your two senators who will soon vote for/against SB1619. And it seems to all come down to this seemingly innocuous bill…

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