The bullied have become bullies

Antoine Dodson: ‘The gay community — we have went from being bullied to becoming bullies’

Jeff Poor
The Daily Caller

Last week, so-called YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson made it public that, unlike most in the gay community, he supports Chick-fil-A in the wake of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s radio interview remarks condemning gay marriage.

But on Birmingham, Ala. radio station 100 WAPI’s “The Matt Murphy Show” on Friday, Dodson elaborated on why he was going against the gay community and standing with those in support of Chick-fil-A.

“A lot of people from the gay community was actually telling me not to eat at Chick-fil-A and then you know, I started having these flashback because I started believing like, the gay community — we have went from being bullied to becoming bullies,” he said. “And I don’t think that that is fair because I’m like, aren’t we like in America, like we have freedom of speech. We have the freedom to put our money wherever we want to. That’s what America stands on. So how can we just go after this group, you know — go after this company so viciously because they don’t believe they have the same rights as us. I don’t think it’s fair and I’d don’t think it’s American.”

Dodson said that by staging such a protest, gays were feeding stereotypes about the gay community and pushing some people away…

The article, with video, continues at The Daily Caller.

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Update: A kiss-in should be a love-in or it shouldn’t be done at all.

Protests express opposition and therefore usually anger. Expressing love is inconsistent with anger. So if you’re going to use a gesture of love for protest, you’ve got a special problem. Appropriating an expression of love for hostile purposes is a dangerous matter…

…Now, restaurants generally don’t want anybody making out, so you’ve chosen behavior that would be disruptive to a restaurant’s business whether the kissing couples are same or opposite sex. The form of expression is offensive and not like the old civil rights demonstrations where black people sat at lunch counters and were not served. They simply acted like customers — good customers — and the only reason it worked as a demonstration was that the store only served food to white people, the policy the protesters very successfully demonstrated was wrong. Kissing at Chick-fil-A does nothing to show what’s wrong about anything Chick-fil-A is doing. It’s just displaying hostility to the place.

And it’s displaying hostility with kissing. So what have they done? They’ve perverted kissing, which should be an expression of love. Ironic, considering that the gay rights movement seeks to dispel the belief that homosexuality is perverted..

Read the whole thing.

At GatewayPundit, Black Conservatives Face Off With Gay Rights Protesters at Chick-fil-A

A group of black conservatives faced off with LGBT protesters at the Hollywood Chick-fil-A this week.

From the Video: On August 1, BOND (Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny) and its founder Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson joined the nationwide call for Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day and organized people for lunch at the Sunset Boulevard location in Hollywood. Hundreds of supporters showed up. A handful of LGBT and PETA supporters also showed up and there were some very heated exchanges.


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Update 3: Occupy Chicago activist claims to be person taunting homeless man at Chick-fil-A protest

You have got to read it!

Update 4: Lefty Wannabe Superman v homeless man Who is Spencer Thayer and why was he mocking a harmless old black dude reading his Bible?

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