The election is not just about jobs, it’s about the vision thing

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

There is a new jobs report out, with the usual caveats that the work force is shrinking, but the nominal unemployment rate is down to 8.5%.  That’s the number which counts politically.

The rate would be 10.9% if the same number of people were in the workforce as when Obama took office

The media keeps telling us jobs is the main issue for the election.  Maybe.  But it’s a whole lot more, it’s a question of the vision thing.

Would you vote for Obama if the nominal unemployment rate were down to 8% by November 2012? Or 7.5%, or 7%.

Of course not, because it’s about jobs but it’s not all about jobs.  It’s about what type of country this will be.  Will we be a country of individual economic freedom or cogs in someone’s ideological wheel.

If a candidate cannot articulate that vision with passion based on history, the election will be a hostage to misleading statistics…

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