The Left Turns on Apple

Verum Serum

The left has always liked Apple. Apple was the non-conformist answer to the bland, business PC. No latte’ drinking progressive would be caught dead with anything other than a MacBook Pro. But it seems a switch has flipped in liberal’s heads. Suddenly Apple is unpatriotic…

…Also making big news this week, Apple is a despoiler of the environment. Of course Apple has been in business for decades and making iPhones overseas for nearly five years. So why is this all happening now? One reason:

Stock market turmoil in Wall Street has helped Apple pip oil group Exxon to become the world’s most valuable company.

The tech company has been closing in on Exxon for some time and was “just” $50bn (£30bn) away from taking the lead when it reported yet another quarter of record-breaking earnings on 19 July.

Apple becomes the world’s biggest company and, like magic, it’s no longer beloved of progressives. Within weeks of reaching that milestone it’s an unpatriotic polluter, just like the oil companies which used to hold the top spots on liberals most hated list.

If Hostess somehow became the world’s biggest company tomorrow, there would be progressives on TV decrying Twinkies. Count on it.

Watch the video of Jimmy Hoffa questioning the “patriotism” of Apple (and other U.S. companies) at Verum Serum.

UpdateTop Teamster Thug James Hoffa: Obama Should Attack “Unpatriotic” Apple For Opening Plant In Mexico…

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