The maturity level and 'professionalism' of the Obama admin in one quote

Sister Toldjah

…Note to Vietor: Dude, like 4 American citizens including a US Ambassador were MURDERED in cold blood.  Doesn’t matter if it happened 20 years ago.  The American people – and the families of those killed especially – deserve answers.  And since when did this “it happened years ago” argument hold water for the left anyway? How many issues came up during the Bush administration that they’re still talking about  – and blaming him for – today? Always count on Democrats to out themselves as hypocrites. Never fails.

Yeah, I know Vietor isn’t in the administration anymore but he was at one time – and this is the mindset of Team Obama from the top down: “Beer Summits” are supposed to resolve decades old racial tensions that bubble to the surface thanks to the President inserting himself into a debate that he shouldn’t have, Presidential appearances on late night TV talk/entertainment shows are meant to showcase the “coolness” of the Commander in Chief, and when you can’t refute serious questions about a major policy issue seriously impacting voters, you puff out your bottom lip and essentially declare that although you don’t know the numbers on Obamacare – you also know that the numbers being given to you by the press aren’t correct, either.

Unfreakingreal. I sure as hell can’t wait for actual adults to be in charge of this country again. What an absolute disgrace.



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