The Party of NO

Peter Fleck (on Twitter @Fleckman)
Common Sense from a Common Man
06 December 2009


It’s interesting and quite amusing that the Democrats want to make sure you understand that the Republican Party is the Party of No.

Oh really?

The President has not met with any Republican Leaders in regards to health care reform since April. In fact they sent a letter back to the Republican leadership telling them ‘No, we don’t need your help’. You can read about that here.

Every Republican amendment for health care has been voted down. In other words, No!


Can you find the Republican in the picture? This is the meeting on October 14th where Democrats started melding the health care bills … behind closed doors … without any Republicans.  In other words, ‘No! No Republicans allowed!’

I could go on and on and on about the Democrats saying no and no and no.

Note to Democrats – When you want to start the blathering idiocy that Republicans are the party of no just remember you have 3 fingers pointing directly back at you.

Get it? Yet?

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