The Queen’s Speech

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More at the BBC:

…The Christmas address is written by the Queen and usually has a strong religious framework, reflects current issues and draws on her own experiences over the past year.

Her use of 3D technology comes 80 years after George V first broadcast a Christmas speech on the radio and started the 25 December tradition.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said the monarch thought the broadcast was “absolutely lovely”.

She added: “We wanted to do something a bit different and special in this Jubilee year, so doing it for the first time in 3D seemed a good thing, technology-wise, to do.”…


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Doing It Right: My Support For Israel Has Pissed Off All The Right Radical Muslims

…The Islamist lawfare jihad against me has begun but I will not quit, we battled and defeated Section 13 because we knew that it would be used against anyone who dared speak out against the threat of radical Islam. Muslims from Canada’s Radical Shia community are now raising funds for my current lawfare opponent, Canada’s leading proponent of Section 13.

I am especially hated for my support of Israel…


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